Fire starter using gum wrapper and battery

A fire starter from gum wrappers works great in an emergency. Just as long as you happen to have a wrapper and a battery available.

My most recent article on wilderness survival skills covered, among others, emergency fire starter devices. A strong campfire is one of the essential skills that keep stranded hikers, backpackers, and hunters alive.

However, that is often easier said than done. Even with the high-tech fire starter, you need the right modern gear to start your fire, dry kindling, and the skill to nurse a tender flame into a strong and sustainable campfire.

Pinterest fire starter gum wrapper and battery

Without those, you have no other choice but to harken back to your days as a boy scout. Wasting a lot of time and muscle power to get a flame going the old-fashioned way. Rubbing sticks together does not produce quick results.

A properly shaped gum wrapper and a small battery, however, will do the trick. By the way, you can substitute very fine steel wool (size 000) for the gum wrapper and a small battery.

Anyway, getting the flame is the easy part. On the other hand, without fine, dry, highly flammable kindling even the best flame will not do much good. also, please keep in mind, that the battery has limited power storage which, of course, also limits the number of fire starting attempts it will give you.

Watch the following video, originally published at, perform effortlessly as a fire starter.

Simple, easy, fast. Impressive.


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