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North Coast Salmon Season Opener Shows Promise

A word from your DFG
Department of Fish and Game (DFG) biologists are expecting a promising north coast salmon fishing season through Labor Day, Sept. 5. The sport season opened Saturday in the Klamath Management Zone, which stretches from the Oregon border to Horse Mountain, located just north of Shelter Cove.
The return of a healthy sport fishing season is excellent news for anglers and businesses in the region. For the last three years, salmon fishing has been relatively nonexistent on the north coast due to fishery restrictions designed to protect California salmon stocks and a lack of local salmon in nearshore areas . . .

Early in the season, fishing success and opportunity is very weather-dependent. Fair weather on Saturday afforded anglers with the opportunity to pursue salmon from Crescent City to Fields Landing with “hit-or-miss” catches reported . . .

This is a promising start to the salmon season,” said Ed Roberts, DFG associate marine biologist. “Weather hampered anglers on Sunday, but on Saturday most boats landed a few legal fish and also released some undersized fish.”

. . .Wardens checking anglers found good overall compliance with salmon regulations.   The most common violation continues to be the use of barbed hooks while fishing for salmon. Anglers north of Point Conception are reminded that they are required to use only barbless hooks while fishing for salmon and that once a salmon is onboard their boat or other floating device, all anglers must use barbless hooks, even if they switch to bottom fishing.

What does hunting wild pigs have to do with salmon?

Hmmmm, hmmmm . . .

Oh! Boar are omnivores. They do not pass up a good fish when they get an opportunity. Once the salmon get into shallow tributaries in wild hog country they become a target of opportunity for Miss Piggy.