Free fishing day September 2, 2017

The last free fishing day for this year will be on September 2, 2017.

CDFW offers two free fishing days each year. They are usually scheduled for around the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Anglers, budding anglers, and people interested in trying their luck at fishing can fish without first buying a sport-fishing fishing license. Bag, size, and gear limits or restrictions remain in effect. So do report card requirements, fishing hours, and stream closures.

Currently, the Klamath-Trinity river system is closed for this season. Heavy fish losses because of the drought and now the extreme weather prompted these closures.

Nevertheless, for the less adventurous who like to stay close to home, CDFW stocks urban waters with trout when the water is cold enough to sustain trout. Other urban opportunities abound to try your hand at catfish angling close to home in local ponds.

For detailed information on fishing in the city go to For detailed information on the free fishing program visit

Additional information on trout and salmon inland stocking is at

Please get current information on rules and regulations. Even during the free fishing days, wildlife officers will patrol fishing areas heavily to enforce compliance with the rules.

Happy fishing and tell us about the really big one that got away.

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