Hog hunting on Georgia public land meets few restrictions

Georgia has great hog hunting on public land. This article will tell you where to go and what weapons to use.

When it comes to hog hunting on Georgia public land, Georgia can compete with the best. Restrictions are relatively few and reasonable. Your choice of weapon is wider and, as a bonus, you can hunt at night with spotlights and nightvision equipment. to the hunting methods but also to the hunting weapons allowed.

Moreover, the state is home to plenty of wild pigs. The Scripps Howard News Service puts their numbers at between 400,000 and 600,000 animals. They also claim that 137 out of 159 counties in the state have established wild hog populations. Furthermore, wild hog populations are expanding as in almost any state or country with boar populations. Good news for anyone interested in hunting wild hogs on public land in Georgia.

Wild hogs in Georgia (wiki)

Free for all on private land

If you happen to know a landowner and get his permission to hunt feral hogs on his land, you have entered hog hunting heaven. Almost anything goes on private land. The choice of hunting weapon is nearly unlimited, whether firearm or archery equipment. Even better yet, you can hunt at night using spotlights. You can also hunt the critters over bait you or the landowner have put out.

The downside? Out-of-state hunters must have a valid non-resident hunting license. No pig tags or any of that nonsense. Georgia wildlife authorities want to keep the feral pig expansion in check.

But how about hog hunting on Georgia public land?

True, hog hunting on Georgia public land is subject to more restrictions. But compared to other states, these limitations are quite reasonable. Hunter must not even wear an orange hunter safety vest though it is recommended.

The main restriction on wildlife management areas and other public lands are that hunters must use firearms or archery equipment permitted for use on the game that is in season at that location even when taking wild hogs.

No, not barn animals: Georgia wild hogs (commons)

In other words, during turkey season, for example, any hunting weapon that is legal to use for the take of turkey can also be used to harvest wild hogs.

Here is an interesting fact: Hunters can now use .17 caliber centerfire weapons and ammo to hunt small game. In practice, it means that a hunter out for small predators or turkey, for example, can legally use this caliber to hunt wild hogs as well during the season.  Great for those who believe in small calibers for hog hunting on public land in Georgia. Wise? Certainly not humane.

Hunt over 100 wildlife areas with over 1 million acres of land

Georgia has about 100 wildlife management areas that are open for hunting. If you live in Georgia, you are hardly ever more than one hour away from one of the. Most of them are home to wild hogs.

About a dozen offer good to great hog hunting on public land in Georgia. They are located in the southern parts of the state near river bottoms, among them Chattahoochee, Oconee, Flint, and Ocmulgee.

Yet, let us not overlook Big Hammock, River Bend, and Beaverdam. In addition, the river deltas of the southeast coast, Altamaha, Paulks Pasture, and Clayhole Swamp also have great wild pig hunting.

And as a bonus, if you know landowners around the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge or on either side of the Georgia-Florida state line, you will not have to look long for a wild hog with your name on it.

This guy cannot deny his domestic ancestors.

Georgia has seven wildlife management districts

Among the best districts for wild hog hunting on Georgia public land is Region 2 (North-East), Region 3(North-Central), and Region 6 (South-Central). Each of them has its own wildlife biologist. All of them are very much interested in hog control and more than willing to share information with hunters.

Visit the website of the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division for contact information. But do not expect too much. One suggestion by a wildlife biologist is to go to where acorn is and rooting is visible. Duh. All boar hunters know that by now.

This site offers hunters, campers, fishermen, and hikers a detailed list of wilderness areas, national parks, and other noteworthy sites for easy reference and links.

 The lazy ones among you should go to this hog hunting site and read some of their observations. This site has gathered some very valuable comments and hints from wildlife biologists about wild hog populations in the various wildlife management areas of the state.

Saving the best for last

What Fort Hunter Liggett is for California feral pig hunters, Fort Stewart is for avid hog hunters in Georgia.

Fort Stewart is located on about 250,000 acres of swamps, upland hardwoods, pine flats and creeks, and streams. Fort Stewart has the best hog hunting on Georgia public land. Though hunters have no problem finding wild pigs almost anywhere on the Fort, the porkers prefer the 90,000 acres of wetlands with prime food sources and cover.

Prospective wild boar hunters have to buy a Fort Stewart Pass and Permit. The permit links to an automated access system hunters use to confirm that their desired hunting areas are open on a given day. This is done via touch-tone phone.

There are no daily bag limits for feral pigs. Hunters can also hunt them year-round.

Overall, Georgia has healthy wild hog hunting on public land. Rules and regulations are not overly restrictive.

Do I have to mention that what I said about preparing for hunting in the wilderness of public land in California is, of course, also true for hog hunting on Georgia public land?

It takes the same skills, special equipment, and safety precautions there than hunters must follow here in California. It is common sense.  Hunting in the wilderness of public land and wildlife is more involved and takes more preparation and precautions than going to a private ranch and have the guide tell you which pig to shoot. 

Learn survival skills

Hunters must have survival skills, be prepared to use them, proper equipment, proper clothing, water, and at least some emergency food. Hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting wild hogs or any other outdoor activity in the public wilderness always includes the risk of unexpected emergencies.

Be prepared. Know how to use survival skills.

Find the information you need for safe hunts on public land and some suggested equipment in my articles about hunting on public land in California. You can also peruse my article series on hunting wild hogs in the wilderness on public land. Just search the website for wild pig hunting in public land or something to the effect.

If there is a downside to hunting wild hogs on public land in Georgia for California hog hunters tired of guide fees and boars that are easily spooked, it is, of course, the distance between here and there.

But, hey, some of you pay a fortune to trek to Africa to shoot Cecile the protected lion. Why not pay for a trip to Georgia. It is only about 2,900 miles from here to there.

Now, if you had a small plane or knew someone who is looking for an excuse to fly long distance . . .


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