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Boar and wild pig hunting in the US and worldwide.

Wild Boar Hunting – My Passion and My Responsibilities

This blog is about my experiences with wild boar, hunting wild boar, my responsibilities to and respect for the game, preservation and conservation of nature in general. I know hunting is a controversial subject that is best not mentioned during any casual conversation at a party – lest you want to be ostracized by most party goers, females in particular.
But are hunters really brutal killers who find pleasure in blowing away Miss Piggy and satisfaction in murdering Bambi in cold blood?

No, we are not. Hunters perform valuable services by assisting in maintaining proper balances between animal populations, agriculture, ranching and the needs of an ever increasing human population.

Let’s discuss wild pigs, their impact on ‘cultivated’ lands, native plants and wildlife, the effects of boar overpopulation on farmers and ranchers and anything else related to this big game.

I will moderate this blog to prevent extremes on either side. “Shoot’em all up” and ‘How dare you murder Miss Piggy’ posts are subject to being culled.

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