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A true wild European Boar

Advertisements We can safely assume that this boar also has a thick ‘body armor’ in the chest area. A wild European boar of his size (and age) has seen his share of fights over females. His ‘armor’ developed in response to injuries and wounds received in these fights. I do not yet have information about […]

Wild Boar – Good for environment?

Advertisements Environmental Benefits of Wild Boarin California Let’s face it: Wild pigs all over the world have a bad reputation not only for being mean but also for the considerable damage they can afflict on protected cash crops and the land in general. After all, even a small herd of wild pigs can root up […]

Wild Boar Hunting – My Passion and My Responsibilities

Advertisements This blog is about my experiences with wild boar, hunting wild boar, my responsibilities to and respect for the game, preservation and conservation of nature in general. I know hunting is a controversial subject that is best not mentioned during any casual conversation at a party – lest you want to be ostracized by […]

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