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Locating Hunting Articles



Publisher and Editor in Chief at United Seabears
Peter Jaeckle is the publisher and Chief Editor of the California Hunting Post.You can find him also on Google+,Twitter, Facebook and on many other sites. Over the past decades he has written on investments, dogs and dog rescue, economic and on environmental topics.

Locating hunting articles made easy.

From now on you will see a front page of the California Hunting Post that does not change. It will no longer open with the most recently posted article.

The most recent article always publishes under Hunting Articles. It is an umbrella category. It is located on the far right side of the menu bar.  However, most new articles will publish in more than one category.  For example, “Free Fishing Day This Saturday” published under ‘Fishing’ and ‘NewsBulletin’.

Existing categories display to the right of  “California Hunting Post ” on the menu bar.  For example: Hunting, Fishing, Habitat and Environment, CatchAll and so on. some of them have a drop down menu. They open when you move the mouse over it.

Click on any of the categories and you see the articles in that section in chronological order beginning with the latest article. Most articles will be categorized under “Hunting”.  Many hunting articles are categorized in more than one category.

There is another easy way to find the latest hunting article of interest. The left sidebar presents a heading Categories with a box containing a down arrow. Click on it to open a long list of categories, sub-categories and hunting articles. Select whichever one is of interest to you. The category or hunting article will automatically load.

There are now almost 1,000 hunting related articles in our archive. Have fun reading.