Lands Pass Public Meeting Scheduled

What is Land Pass? They are daily or annual permits to enter certain properties under administration of CDFW. Visitors to CDFW wildlife areas and ecological reserves must purchase a day pass before visiting a property. CDFW will hold public meetings to discuss possible changes to the Lands Pass program.

Visitors buy Lands Pass permits in advance to visit wildlife areas or ecological reserves online, from license vendors and at CDFW offices. Passes are not available at the properties. Hunters with a valid hunting license and holders of a valid fishing license are exempt from the Lands Pass program. And so are children under the age of 16 and participants in organized school or youth group field trips.
Signs of the Beast
A recent CDFW notice states:

At the upcoming public meetings, CDFWW staff will provide information about the current Lands Pass Program and discuss possible changes to the program that are under evaluation by CDFW. Staff will also explain the process for amending regulations and how the public can participate in the review process.

The public meetings will be held during March and April 2015. The first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 19 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Headquarters, 45211 County Rd 32B (Chiles Road) in Davis (95618).

See a map to the meeting at Additional meetings and notices will be posted at Current information and status is at


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