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Lead Bullet Ban Topic of Workshop



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Impending lead bullet ban casts a long shadow

The impending lead bullet ban will be the topic of another workshop held by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) on Saturday, July 19 to discuss the implementation of the lead bullet ban. The workshop will be held at the Community Room at City Hall, 777 Cypress Ave. in Redding from 7-8:30p.m.

A CDFW representative will detail the proposed implementation plan. The public is invited to attend and to comment on the proposal.

Interested parties can preview the proposed implementation plan for the lead bullet ban on this CDFW page.

The California Hunting Post reported on the workshops on the lead bullet ban earlier this year ( April 12, 2014). The July workshop will follow an identical course and presentation. Details are at Four more workshops are planned for later this year.

It is in the interest of all active hunters to participate in the workshops and to contribute reasonable suggestions. Now is the time to take part in the decision making process. It beats complaining later on in the field about impractical or bureaucratic requirements.

Hunters can e-mail their comments and suggestions to (please use “Nonlead implementation” in the subject line). You can also mail a hard copy correspondence to:

CDFW, Wildlife Branch

Attn: Nonlead implementation

1812 9th Street

Sacramento, CA 95811