Your Trophy Boar Didn’t Score- Just Use another Scoring System!

So, you paid a ‘trophy fee’ to the guide who lead you to his monster boar on his hunting lease? Like another $ 100.00 to $ 250.00?
And now you are finding out that your ‘trophy’ is actually a little on the smallish side to be registered as a trophy boar? Mad as hell, feel taken?
Don’t be mad, get even.

Since there is more than one trophy boar scoring system, you can always let a competing system score your boar. For example, you could let the True Measurement Tusker Tally Wild Boar Scoring System ( T.M.T.T.) work out the score of your boar and register it.

T.M.T.T uses the head score, the tusker score and the body score to score your boar.
Without going into petty details of how to arrive at the individual measurements and assign points to each of them, let us just say that the head score uses the distance between the eye socket and the tip of the nose, the tusker score the length of the tusks and their circumference at the base and the body score the girth and the length of the animal from the tip of the tail (including hair) to the tip of the snout. Girth is the circumference of the wild pig at the foremost part of the arm pits.

The three measurements are added up,


None of the three categories can dominate the others. They all bear equal weight in the final score. Each of the three qualities must represent trophy quality in order to have the boar registered as a trophy boar.
Your boar must also score a minimum of 10.00 points in each of the categories. It follows that your wild boar must have an overall score of at least 30.00 points to even qualify for consideration and registration.

T.M.T.T also lists every trophy boar accepted and registered as trophy boar in one of the following categories:

Archery Category
Firearms Category
Muzzle Loader Category
Dog Hunting Category.

If you still have not been able to get your boar classified as a “trophy boar”, You could consider creating your own scoring system for wild boar. Much like certain sports, e.g. boxing and professional wrestling created multiple competing sanctioning bodies in order to give their favorite fighters world champion titles.

How about a Public Land Trophy Boar Scoring System (P.L.T.B.S.S) or Wilderness Unlimited Tusk Boars (W.U.T.B) or even Golden Ram Trophy Scoring Boar (G.R.T.S.B)?

You can break down each of the systems in sub-categories down to the level of individual ranches. That way, your chances of scoring a trophy boar are greatly increased.

How about this:
Golden Ram Cholame Ranch, bow hunting, scored in:

sub category: Cholame Ranch
sub: bow hunting
sub: prone position
sub: distance
sub 50 yeards
sub 30 yards
sub 20 yards
sub 10 yards?

If you break the scoring down far enough, even a measly boar should score ‘trophy’ in something.

By now you can most likely tell that I am not a great fan of trophy hunting and any scoring system associated with it. That does not mean that trophy hunting does not have a place among hunters. Yet, opponents of hunting use trophy hunting to accuse hunters of “murdering” Bamby and of cutting short Miss Piggy’s promising acting career.

Personally, I go hunting as an excuse for playing mountain man in untamed nature. To bring home the occasional ‘bacon’ (sic) is only a beneficial side effect of unforgettable experiences in remote and wild places in the great outdoors . . .

Details of the T.M.T.T scoring system are here.

Golden Ram info here.

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