Boar Behavior in Cold Weather – – Spring 2007

Freezing temperatures all over California have affected the behavior of wild boar in a major way. Hunters and patrolmen report that the low temperatures have brought out the pigs. They stay out much longer after sunrise. The boar do so because it is more difficult for them to find sufficient forage and, of course, there is no excessive heat to drive them to bed down.

The boar have precious little to eat. Most of the winter staples have been consumed. The barley that dropped to the ground has long been eaten and the new barley has not sprouted yet – – mainly because of the cold. Add to that the fact that grubs and worms are deeper down in the earth as usual, also because of the cold. As long as it stays cold, there will also be very little root growth.

It’s a tough time for wild pigs.

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