Wild Boar Populations SoCal – End Spring Season 2007

Now that we are almost at the end of the Spring Boar Hunting Season, let’s have a quick look at some wild pig population reports from Southern California.

First and most importantly, Tejon Ranch:

According to Don Geivet, Wildlife Manager, wild boar populations at the ranch continue to be very high. Populations should stay relatively high through Fall 2007 and Winter 2008 provided there is enough food. Note the cautious mention of ‘enough food’. After all, annual average rainfalls are way below average this spring. Food resources could therefore be adversely affected unless ranch management takes appropriate steps to provide sufficient food supply despite the overall dry conditions.

Big Horn Ranch:

There is always good ‘hunting’ at the Big Horn Ranch, as long as you know when new animals arrive and schedule your hunt accordingly. Prices have gone up considerably since the good old days. Waiting lists are very long.

Military Reservations:
Vandenberg Air Force Base. You need to meet stringent requirements to be able to hunt Vandenberg. If you do, hunting should be quite good because many of the active military are doing their hunting somewhere else.
We are preparing a special report on military bases. Check back frequently for up to date information.

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