Boar Hunting Spring 2007 and beyond

For many of us wild boar hunters the Spring Hunting season is almost coming to an end. In Southern California temperatures will soon get hot enough to make wild boar hunting more stressful. We have not had much of a winter at all. In fact, most of the ‘winter’ felt more like a normal summer.

This should be good for wild pig populations because the pigs had easy living. But did they also have plenty of food – that’s another question. After all, drought or near drought conditions do not make for ample food supplies.

Up north, the story is slightly different. At least, the northern parts of California received much more rain. Consequently, food supplies are much better, which translates into forage to feed more mouths.

After speaking to landowners, game guardians, guides and fellow hunters, I confidently project boar populations to be above average this year in most parts of the State. That translates to a good boar hunting year, particularly in the early parts of the year and before the expected unusually high summer temperatures.

For those of you looking for wild pigs on public lands, the experts from the Department of Fish and Game suggest you look a little closer at the Los Padres National Forest and at the San Luis Obispo area.

You can find more detailed information on where to hunt in these areas in the DFG guide to wild pig hunting and in my own book about wild boar hunting in California.

And to those who say that my predictions are nothing more than plain old utterances of common sense I say: “Food always grows best in optimal environmental conditions for its needs. Animals manage to find the most abundant food sources in a given area. Well fed animals are happy animals that make more animal babies. More animal babies eventually mean more game to hunt.
It is that simple.

If you expect a preview of a hunting season to tell you exactly under which tree ‘the lion sleeps tonight’, you just demonstrated that you are missing the most important point: Animals are part of nature and flow with the rhythm of nature.
In order to find them and to hunt them successfully you need to understand the basic needs of your game and how, when and where nature fulfills it.

Otherwise, go hire a guide who has some pen raised ‘wild boar’ to release, stand where he tells you to stand and harvest the hapless animal.
Or ask me for the name of a ranch and the location of the rock where the ‘wild boar’ that got off the truck on Wednesday will be hiding at the beginning of the hunt on Saturday.
It makes a great picture for the mantle and a nice trophy head on the wall.

But it ain’t much of a wild boar hunt . . .

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