Wild Boar Hunting in South America

Back in the days of wooden sailing ships that plied the oceans in search of new lands and yet undiscovered trading routes, domestic pigs accompanied the sailors as a source of food. Many of the pigs were left behind in strategic locations along the sailing routes to run wild, multiply and be available for harvesting to replenish the ships stores.

Thus, we find today descendants of these ancient ‘mariners’ all over the world. They are now feral pigs and commonly referred to as ‘wild boar’. They can be found in all continents and many ‘exotic’ countries, Australia, New Zealand, among others Indonesia, South America, Asia and Africa.
The production of wild pig meat has taken on almost industrial proportions in Australia. There are also ‘wild boar’ production ranches in Canada.

If you like the taste of wild boar meat (and the advantages of leaner meat), it is much cheaper to purchase some production wild boar meat than to go through all the trouble and very considerable expense of hunting boar to put some meat on the table.

However, if you are in it for the thrill of the hunt and have enough money to burn, then a wild boar hunt in South America just might fit your bill. Argentina and Chile have recently come to fore and advertised their boar hunts aggressively on the Internet.

Prices for a boar hunt range close to what you have to pay in the US. Add to that the hefty price for transportation and lodging and you have a deal only few can afford.
For those that can, South America has some excellent hunting and fishing to offer. You can hunt wild boar, cougar, deer, Dwarf Goats but also Upland game, geese, dove and more on very large private estancias. There are no bag limits on some of the game. Ranch houses on hunting properties generally are very well equipped with all the comforts discerning and well paying travelers expect.

For some interesting reading go to http://www.huntingchile16.50megs.com/about_2.html. A complete list of South American hunting outfitters and ranches is here: http://dmoz.org/Recreation/Outdoors/Hunting/Guides_and_Outfitters/South_America/

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