A true wild European Boar

My oldest son took this picture after a wild boar hunt in Austria in February of 2006.

This trophy sized true wild European/Russian boar weighed in at 287 kg, that is at over 631 pounds. Note the long, coarse bristles of the winter coat, the brownish-black color, which gives it a somewhat mottled appearance. It is excellent for camouflage in the underbrush of a European forest. This is without doubt a razor back though the actual ‘razor’ is barely discernible. The animal has been rolled over for dressing and the bristles of the razor are therefore flattened. But you can still see a line of long guard hair standing straight up beginning behind the ears on the top of the back.
Also note the impressive ‘hump’ starting right after the ears and extending halfway down his back. This gives the boar the characteristic wedge-shaped appearance.

We can safely assume that this boar also has a thick ‘body armor’ in the chest area. A wild European boar of his size (and age) has seen his share of fights over females. His ‘armor’ developed in response to injuries and wounds received in these fights.

I do not yet have information about the rifle used, but it was a large game hunting rifle chambered for the trusted and proven 9.3 mm cartridge. The 9.3 comes in two sizes, the 9.3×62 and the 9.3×74. This caliber was widely used in Africa for hunting big and dangerous game. The cartridges have muzzle velocities of 2500 and 2400 fps. It was, and still is, a popular hunting rifle in Europe for hunting large game. This cartridge was originally developed for Mauser rifles but is also used in rifles from other manufacturers such as Brenneke (9.3×62).

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