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Private Group Boar Hunt at Tejon Ranch

Advertisements Memorial Day Weekend One of our readers and author of his own boar hunting blog is putting together a wild boar hunt on the Tejon Ranch in Southern California. The Tejon Ranch can be reached in about two hours from the Greater Los Angeles area on the I-5. Guided and unguided hunts are offered.My […]

Wild Boar Hunting in South America

Advertisements Back in the days of wooden sailing ships that plied the oceans in search of new lands and yet undiscovered trading routes, domestic pigs accompanied the sailors as a source of food. Many of the pigs were left behind in strategic locations along the sailing routes to run wild, multiply and be available for […]

Boar Behavior in Cold Weather – – Spring 2007

Freezing temperatures all over California have affected the behavior of wild boar in a major way. Hunters and patrolmen report that the low temperatures have brought out the pigs. They stay out much longer after sunrise. The boar do so because it is more difficult for them to find sufficient forage and, of course, there […]

Wild Boar – Grizzly Bear of California Oak Lands?

The now extinct California Grizzly Bear was known for his ferocity. Wild boar, though much smaller in size, also are aggressive and ferocious animals. But grizzlies and wild boar have much more in common than superficial attributes. Both species can be beneficial to the environment in a surprising way. Grizzly bears were known to engage […]

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