Shasta Gray Wolf Pack surfaced again

Yeah! After a long hiatus during which not much, if anything, was known about the status of the wolves in the Shasta area, the SHASTA gray wolf pack has surfaced again.

CDFW recently confirmed that the female and at least three pups have been sighted and positively identified. They back up their opinion by several new pictures showing at least one adult and the pups.

In early July 2017, the actual status of the Shasta pack was still unknown.

CDFW experts took pictures of two wolves traveling together, subsequently captured and collared one. The animal was positively identified as part of the original SHASTA pack.

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Nevada wildlife officers were surprised when they managed to document at least one offspring of the original Shasta pack traveling in Nevada. They positively identified the young wolf as a pup from the original Shasta pack.

That is good news for any true lover of wildlife and endangered species because it proves that endangered and even persecuted predators can rebound under improved environmental conditions.

Back in 2016, concerned parties worried about the survival chances of the small pack of wolves. Especially, after the small pack of gray wolves was indirectly accused of being involved in the death of a calf.

I feared the worst because it constituted a perfect scenario for some revenge killing of the wolves by interested parties. Among them, of course, cattle and sheep ranchers, and other opponents of predatory wildlife. Hunter being unfortunately among them.

They are concerned that the wolves will eat all the precious deer while sheep ranchers worry about their herds. The sudden disappearance of the small original Shasta wolf pack from Lassen County gave credence to these concerns.

In fact, wolves prefer real food over domestic livestock. And they also would rather hunt wild pigs than bother cattle.

If you do not recall the story of the first wolf pack in California in over 100 years, go to my previous articles about the disappearing Shasta pack and their history.
Extensive European studies on the prey preferred by wolves clearly established that wolves prefer wild pigs over domestic animals. Other than that, deer are actually a favorite item on the wolf menu.

Go here for some brand-new pictures of the Shasta Pack and their offspring in California. Nevada.branch pictures are here.


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  1. With mountain lions still on endangered species list in California, they have rebounded out of control. I have a ranch in San Mateo County and the whole coast side is full of them. So, your comment about hunters worried about “precious deer” from gray wolf population is totally true! Our deer herd numbers are at a all time low due to infestation of lions, what do you think the wolves will due to elk, deer,pigs,cattle,sheep?? Think about it my friend, there has to be some kind of control on these predators, you can’t leave them get numbers so high and the state Game Commission can’t do a thing about it due to environmentalist

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