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The ankle-biters are coming beware!



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A court in Wimbledon, south London, heard the case against a’dangerously out of control dog’. The vicious animal stands accused of having bit the ankles of a mail person. The perpetrator is an 8 inch tall Chihuahua.

ankle biters

Meet Louie, the ankle biter. And watch his left ear! It is a dead giveaway.

The incident happened in March of last year when residents noticed Louie, the vicious dog, hanging off the ankle of the mail carrier. The owner John Anslow had let his dog off the leash near his home in south London. Anslow denies the charge of being the owner of a dangerously out of control dog that caused the injuries which hospitalized the mail person.

Furthermore, Anslow denies that Louie came anywhere near the mail person. Louie ‘only barked’ said Anslow. The mail person simply walked away without claiming that she had been bitten, said Anslow.

Wild pigs rip off fingers of innocent dog walkers. Chihuahuas, however, are too small and not strong enough to do such evil deeds.

However, statistics of dog bites in the United States point at Chihuahua dogs as the number one ankle biters among all dogs. Chihuahuas contribute the highest number of dog bites according to those data. While the number of dog bites from small Chihuahua dogs is high, their severity is usually not. The dogs are just too small to do major damage.

Severe dog bites that are life threatening are inflicted by large breeds such as the infamous pit bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and a number of large hunting or herding breeds that have no business living in urban apartments.

Nevertheless, any bite from one of these breeds makes it to the pages of local and national newspapers.

biters coming

Ankle biter or not?

No, it takes off or breaks entire limbs. But rarely.

Small Chihuahua dogs get a free pass. After all, they are only “8 inches” tall. Yet, their teeth are needle sharp and they can have a nasty temperament especially when it comes to things they consider their property.

Just try to sit on a pillow your tiny Chihuahua owns. You might be in for a surprise.

By the way, another one of these underestimated small dogs is the miniature version of the good old ‘Wienerdog’. They hold the number two rank in the list of biters, ankle biters that is.

I know because we had one living with us.

He was well-known as ankle biter and chicken thief throughout the entire neighborhood.

Chris P.