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Deport Fresno fishermen sentenced for poaching local fish in Central California



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Fresno fishermen sell sport-caught fish, get caught, and are sentenced to jail and lifelong loss of fishing license.

A recent batch of Fresno fishermen caught by CDFW in illegal activities proves again that certain cultural and ethnic groups have no consideration for our wildlife and ecosystems. They destroy ecosystems in their homeland and continue the process here.


I say deport them as soon as they served their jail time. Here is the latest example and why these guys should be thrown out:

Evidence of poaching (CDFW)

Three Fresno men, Kue Her, 36, Leepo Her, 33, and Michael Van, 31, were caught in a CDFW law enforcement sting after the activities of the three indicated a good possibility that the triplet might be engaged in illegal sales of fish caught under a sports fishing license. The offense is poaching of wildlife for profit.

Kue Her, received 52 days in county jail, four years probation, and a lifetime revocation of his fishing license. Leepo Her will serve nine days in county jail, four years of probation, a  $ 1050 fine and a lifetime revocation of his fishing license.

Van will spend one day in county jail, four years of probation and a lifetime revocation of his fishing license.

These sentences are the result of a focused investigation of the citation history and other facts on record that all indicated a large-scale commercial poaching operation to supply fish for sale on the black market. Search warrants, served in December 2016, produced live crappie and bluegill, frozen striped bass, marijuana, evidence of marijuana cultivation, methamphetamine, and evidence of sales of the drug.

Members of the Fresno County District attorney’s office prosecuted the case and secured the convictions. We reported on similar cases before.

Obviously, this case of blatant violations of our laws by the Fresno fishermen regarding wildlife and the protection of healthy habitats cries for more than a few days in county jail. Deportation is the only and best method of teaching certain ethnic communities to respect our ecosystems and wildlife.

If members of these ethnic groups are not willing to respect the laws of their host country and the group as a whole does not self-police, then to deport then in an expedited way might eventually drive home the message: Stealing natural resources, destroying habitats, and endangering precious wildlife for personal gain is a crime that deserves deportation.

Get rid of these characters.