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Georgia wild hogs attend school in Douglas County, Georgia



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Georgia wild hogs are improving their English grammar and spelling.

Pigs, experts say, are smarter than your dog and almost as smart as your three-year-old kid. Not surprisingly, wild hogs in Georgia are now attending school to further their education.

Faculty, parents, and children are keeping an eye out for some four-legged students after a group of Georgia wild hogs decided to include Factory Shoals Middle School, Douglas County, Georgia, in their daily routine. The principal of a nearby Elementary School could not confirm wild pig sightings on the campus.

Both schools are located near wooded areas with lush vegetation and manicured lawn areas between the school and the woods. A fence surrounds and separates the Middle School from the wooded areas. Authorities believe that these Georgia wild hogs dug under the fence in search of food on the school grounds.

School officials and wildlife experts set traps to capture the eager students. Thereafter, they removed the trapped animals from the campus and relocated them to a new home.

During the entire process, no students, parents, officials, and wild hogs were hurt. On the contrary, wildlife authorities stated that the swine were peaceful and cooperative.

Peaceful, huh?

Georgia is one of five states with substantial wild boar populations. As a matter of fact, wild hogs in Georgia are expanding their numbers considerably. After Texas, Florida, and California, Georgia is one of the friendliest and best states for hog hunters for just that reason.

In addition, Georgia offers more generous hog hunting regulations, bag limits, weapons choices, and legal hunting methods than most other states. Furthermore, Georgia has excellent wild hog hunting on public land. I will report on pigs on Georgia public land in the near future. Don’t miss it.

In the meantime, watch the following video of some Georgia wild hogs in their daily quest to improve their English grammar and spelling.