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Gigantic boar demonstrates nutritional value of garbage



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Video footage shows a gigantic boar digging for edible garbage in a trash bin near a school in Hong Kong while boar youngsters look on.

A video of a gigantic boar digging for edibles in a trash bin outside a school in Hong Kong proves that wild pigs do indeed eat garbage despite scientific data to the contrary. The video shows a wild boar leaning upright against a trash bin near a school in Hong Kong. The monster boar is digging for edibles by grabbing trash bags with his mouth, dumping them on the ground next to the dumpster. He then rips open the garbage bags to get any food inside the trash bags.

Hogzilla (coconuts)

This video directly contradicts the findings of German wildlife experts in Berlin. They examined the stomach contents of dozens of urban boar. They found no evidence of wild boar consuming trash, at least not in Berlin. However, you can find numerous pictures on the Internet that depict wild boar and feral pigs near trash cans in urban parks. Trash-eating boar may be the exception and not the norm.

Boar are common in the wooded and hilly areas around Hong Kong. They also frequent the city proper on many occasions. Gigantic boar are, however, not a daily sight. We also need to consider that male boar can easily reach a weight of over 400 pounds – without raiding trash bins. And the actual weight and size of the gigantic boar in the video are not known is not known. We have only estimates.

This boar is admittedly a large specimen. You can tell how tall he is when he stands up next to the trash bin. Nevertheless, that makes him only a big boar digging throhttps://www.facebook.com/tu.com.hk/videos/10157205040546840/ugh trash, not a gigantic monster.

Yet, take it or leave it, it is an impressive animal and an equally unique video.

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