Wild hog hunt on Camp Roberts this weekend

Camp Roberts will be open to the public for wild hog hunting between August 19 and August 21, 2016. Hunters must have a valid California hunting license and pig tags as well as a Camp Roberts hunting permit. Registration for the permit is by appointment only at this time.

The Camp straddles the Salinas River in Monterey and San Luis Obispo county. It is located about 12 miles north of Paso Robles on Highway 101, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is also near fort Hunter Liggett.

Though Camp Roberts is better known for deer hunting than for wild hog hunts, there are wild hogs on this military base. After all, it is in counties that report consistently high wild pig harvests.

It is an alternative to hunting big game, specifically wild pigs, on Fort Hunter Liggett. There is a good chance that there are fewer boar hunters on Camp Roberts than at Hunter Liggett at any time.

Camp Roberts employee with wild hog

The California Hunting Post has reported on pig hunting on the Camp in several previous articles. Use these posts as a brief introduction and as an overview on hunting boar on the Base. It is not easy to find hunting information on the Camp Roberts website.

Hunters can get access to the Camp for their pig hunt at 5 in the morning. Check out is no later than one hour after the legal shooting time. They need a valid government issued I.D., a Camp Roberts hunting permit and pig tags.

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Weapons must be legally transported. Use only lead-free ammunition to hunt pigs on the Camp. Furthermore, hunters must remove spent shell casings and trash.

Calguard published the detailed instructions and information for this special wild hog hunt. Check out the information on how to get a Camp Roberts hunting permit. A ‘fillable’ Camp Roberts annual hunting permit application saves you some time.

Please be aware that CDFW wardens have access to the entire facility. They will enforce hunting and fishing laws and other legal rules and regulations during this special pig hunt.

Finally, you can find an admittedly outdated synopsis of hunting on Camp Roberts right here.


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