Wild pig attack small urban children on two continents

Wild pig attack people and pets in suburban areas on very rare occasions. That’s nothing new. Such incidents normally happen when people surprise wild pigs or come to close to a mother boar with piglets. Wild boar aggression towards small children, however, is new in the mix.

Continents apart, wild pigs have recently attacked small children in a park and in a playground in one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The first wild pig attack occurred in  Lower Peirce area of Singapore in the Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park.

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Wild pigs have lived in the wooded areas near this metropolis and city-state for many years without causing major problems. Other than the occasional police attempts to chase the boar out of a shopping center or other areas where they are not welcome. These wild boar chases are often funny and entertaining. Many attract people to watch and take videos of the fun.

Wild pigs in Singapore

Yet, in a new development, wild boar are drifting towards this park where they inevitably meet people.

Most of the time, they wild pigs retreat and hide. Not so this time. Two wild pigs in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park attacked a fiveyear-old boy from behind. They rammed him in his rear throwing the boy about one yard away. The boy was not seriously injured.

A patrolling security officer came to the boy’s help. He was also attacked by a wild pig. The officer hurt his hand when he fell. None of the injuries were reportedly serious.

Police swept through the park, located the boar and tranquilized one of them. They carried the animal away to be euthanized, I presume.

Singapore encapsulates only 700 square kilometers (about 270 square miles). It is densely populated and very much built-up with high-rise developments. Nevertheless, there are outlying areas that are park like, wooded, and have lush native shrubbery. Wild pigs lived there for centuries.

Singapore Skyline at night

The recent wild pig attack sparked a vigorous debate about what to do with the boar. Cull or exterminate them, as authorities suggest, or tolerate and limit their presence as much as possible.

Wild pig attack in Vienna

The second wild pig attack on children occurred a continent away in Vienna, Austria. Vienna, the Austrian capital, is known for its wooded and leafy outskirts. Numerous species of wildlife have shared the area with the residents of the capital. Encounters between wild pigs and people are not unusual at all. Just as in Berlin, the German capital, where thousands of wild boar live near to people.

In late May of 2017, a small group of children was playing in a playground in Vienna when a wild boar charged them. The wild pig attack sent the children fleeing seeking refuge in nearby buildings. The attacking boar also retreated and hid in some nearby shrubbery.

Police found him there and shot him dead because animal control did not have ammunition for a tranquilizing gun. The incident left no injuries to the children or the police.

In an unrelated incident, the British ambassador to Austria, Leigh Turner, suffered some indignity when an aggressive boar chased him in the Lainzer Tiergarten nature park in Vienna. Diplomatic immunity did not protect him from slight injuries nor prevented his shaking with fear in public.


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