Wild pig giveaway in San Jose?

Go to certain front yards in a San Jose, California, for a free wild pig giveaway. A sounder of wild pigs is visiting the neighborhood again. The hogs are tilling the front yards. Any bow hunters out there?

Why pay access fees and guides to hunt wild pigs on a private ranch? Or on public land in the California hinterlands.You can participate in a wild pig giveaway in the East Foothills of San Jose. Residents would be grateful if you removed some of the unwanted nightly visitors. The wild pigs have taken up rooting in the yards in the Foothills.

There is only one minor problem: It is illegal to shoot and kill wild pigs withing the city limits. City ordinances allow only trapping  with permission from CDFW. And city authorities, I assume.

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Anyway, the wild boar live on a vast expanse of land in the foothills nearby. Several years ago, they raided the front yards in search of grubs and other tasty edibles. At the time, the neighbors responded by protecting their yards with a solid fence to keep them out. It kept the nocturnal raiders out for a while.

However, they have now returned with a vengeance tearing up a number of front yards in one night.

Why the wild pig giveaway now?

There are two reasons for their return: First of all, it is the time of the year when wild pigs in California fatten up for the winter. Their favorite food is acorns. Nevertheless, when they cannot find enough acorns, they will fan out in search for other sources of energy.

Front yards come in handy because they get usually watered which, in turn, will keep many worms, grubs, and other delicacies alive. And it is easier to root in soft, moist soil for just about anything.

Secondly, the California drought is now in the sixth year. It is getting ever more difficult for the wild pigs to find enough food in their home ranges. City neighborhoods and their watered lawns are a table just waiting for hungry mouths.

What can the residents do besides building a better fence?

Well, the local trapper already volunteered his expertise. He’ll try to catch some if you ask and pay him well. Anything else other than shooting?

I have a suggestion. Why not waylay the porkers at night and use a strong, trusted knife for your protection, of course? Who knows, one or two of them might just run into it! Don’t forget, your guide has been telling you for a long time that pigs have a poor eyesight!

And, furthermore, why not star in your own YouTube video. Come on, become your local matador by grabbing a wild pig by the ears. It will, without a doubt, impale itself on your hunting knife that you carry for your protection, of course.

Watch the news report right here.

Just make sure you have a valid California hunting license and current pig tag. Just in case someone asks.


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