Wild pig stampede kills ISIS fighters

Wild pig stampede kills three Islamic fighters without tanks, artillery, or big guns.

A group of wild pigs, apparently disturbed by Islamic militants setting up an ambush in a bitterly contested area in the Hawija district in Northern Iraq, went on a wild pig stampede right through the line of militants busy preparing an ambush. Hawija district is located about 50 miles southwest of Kirkuk and about 100 miles south of Mosul. This city is at the center of allied efforts to retake not only the city but also the region.

The sounder of wild pigs has lived in the same area where they frequent the nearby corn fields. Corn fields, of course. Not even the ravages of war can displace wild swine from access to one of their favorite food sources.

Which is cheaper? This or wild pigs?

The militants occupied the edge of the corn field that the hogs had chosen as their home near food. When disturbed by the activities of the militants preparing the edge of the field to ambush a group of men from Hawija who fled previously to avoid encounters with ISIS, the lead sow would not have any more of these shenanigans. Enough it enough. Peace must be restored to the corn field as a source of reliable food and protection against dangers.

Inexpensive ISIS fighter

The lead sow blew and puffed the all-out alarm signal that immediately threw the sounder into a full-blown, high-speed retreat. Or should we say into a wild pig stampede?

Because in the process of the ‘retreat’ of the swine cavalry, three militants were killed outright and another five injured severely. Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and supervisor of anti-ISIS forces reported after the attack.

It is likely their (the militant’s) movement disturbed a herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby cornfields,” the Sheikh said.

Maybe we should train wild hogs as a top-secret special fighting force.

To all hunters who believe they can grab a wild boar by the ears and play with it, I say, beware the wrath of a mother sow disturbed during her and her charges daily lunch.

And I bet the ‘wild pigs’ were actually feral pigs and not true wild boar. I’ll show you the difference another time.


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